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Our mission at the Collins Ondachi Brand is to empower a community of leaders whose dreams positively impact the lives of Africans across the continent.
Collins Ondachi

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Collins Ondachi's self-acknowledged role as a leader is to promote economic development and wealth creation, social development, and improvement of the environment. He also has various other duties in relation to culture and tourism, including a responsibility for the city and its government.

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We are committed to restoring honesty, integrity, and accountability to government. Explore our principals.

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Arts & Culture

Nairobi’s cultural industry is famous for its innovation and experimentation, its entrepreneurial energy, and risk-taking. It is this that explains why the music, books, and films we make are enjoyed all around the world and why it is one of the most visited cities.

Housing & land

The social issue is of ensuring that members of society have a home in which to live, whether this is a house or some other kind of dwelling. Many governments have one or more housing authorities, sometimes also called a housing ministry or department.

Policing & crime

The policy that requires police to inherit a proactive approach to address public safety concerns. The overall assessment of community-oriented policing is positive, as both officers and community members attest to its effectiveness in reducing crime.


In such areas where man has fundamentally transformed landscapes such as urban settings, the natural environment is greatly modified into a simplified human environment. Even acts which seem less extreme, such as building modify the natural environment.


State governments set overall educational standards, often mandate standardized tests public school systems and supervise, usually through state colleges. Private schools are generally free to determine their own curriculum and staffing policies.


Volunteering may have positive benefits for the volunteer as well as for the person or community served. It is also intended to make contacts for employment. Many volunteers are specifically trained in the areas they work, such as medicine or education.

Arts & Culture
Housing & land
Policing & crime

What People Say About Me

“Whenever I meet Collins Ondachi, I say: “There’s so much you can do, but, boy, could we use a leader like you around these parts!” Ondachi has faithfully served our city and our country for years now, so my vote definitely goes to him!”

Daniel Otembo

MD Lipa Mdogo Enterprise

“How can we get our country back on track? How to preserve our Constitution? All these core questions have been evolving in our minds for years. And now we have the answers. We stand behind our promise to protect people’s rights.”

Meshack Mbwele

Senior Accountant

“We believe that, to bring our economic and social life to a new level, we must use non-standard and non-traditional means in our work. Tomorrow depends on your choice. And we have the best people to make sure it doesn’t disappoint.”

Trevor Analo, Phd

Senior Political Strategist
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Protecting The Environment And Growing The Economy

We need to start over with protecting the environment and economic reform. We choose a better future for our children, parents, and friends.

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